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Sr. No.YearAPRName of OfficerDesignationYear of AllotmentPlace of PostingProperty Returns
1 2018Arun KumarAsstt. Conservator of Forests05/05/2017DharamshalaClick to View
2 2018Om PrakashAsstt. Conservator of Forests05/05/2017ShimlaClick to View
3 2018Pawan Kumar AchalAsstt. Conservator of Forests05/05/2017SolanClick to View
4 2018Parul SoodAsstt. Conservator of Forests11/11/2016SundernagarClick to View
5 2018Saroj Devi VermaAsstt. Conservator of Forests11/11/2016ShimlaClick to View
6 2018Pune RamAsstt. Conservator of Forests11/11/2016KulluClick to View
7 2018Praveen SharmaAsstt. Conservator of Forests11/11/2016ShimlaClick to View
8 2018Shivani SenAsstt. Conservator of Forests11/11/2016ShimlaClick to View
9 2018Sanjeev SinghAsstt. Conservator of Forests30/07/2015ChambaClick to View
10 2018Kamal JaswalAsstt. Conservator of Forests30/07/2015NachanClick to View
11 2018Richa BanchtaAsstt. Conservator of Forests30/07/2015ShimlaClick to View
12 2018Ashwani KumarAsstt. Conservator of Forests30/07/2015BilaspurClick to View
13 2018Anil KumarAsstt. Conservator of Forests12/11/2014KinnaurClick to View
14 2018Jagdish GautamAsstt. Conservator of Forests12/11/2014UnaClick to View
15 2018Surender Singh ChandelSub Divisional Manager12/11/2014Himkasth Sale Depot, DhanotuClick to View
16 2018Narender SingAsstt. Conservator of Forests12/11/2014AniClick to View
17 2018Rahul SharmaAsstt. Conservator of Forests12/11/2014UnaClick to View
18 2018Renu SaizalAsstt. Conservator of Forests28/12/2013SolanClick to View
19 2018Dinesh PaulAsstt. Conservator of Forests28/12/2013ShimlaClick to View
20 2018Sukalp KumarAsstt. Conservator of Forests06/11/2013BilaspurClick to View
21 2018Anita BhardwajAsstt. Conservator of Forests06/11/2013ShimlaClick to View
22 2018Sanjeev SoodAsstt. Conservator of Forests06/11/2013KuniharClick to View
23 2018Manish RampalAsstt. Conservator of Forests06/11/2013HamirpurClick to View
24 2018Baldev Raj KandetaAsstt. Conservator of Forests06/11/2013ShimlaClick to View
25 2018Krishan BhagAsstt. Conservator of Forests06/11/2013RampurClick to View
26 2018Hardev Singh NegiAsstt. Conservator of Forests06/11/2013RampurClick to View
27 2018Kirti Singh ThakurAsstt. Conservator of Forests09/11/2012SerajClick to View
28 2018Shashi KiranAsstt. Conservator of Forests18/06/2012JogindernagarClick to View
29 2018Neena DeviAsstt. Conservator of Forests14/06/2012HamirpurClick to View
30 2018Surinder Singh KashyapDivisional Forest Officer23/09/2011MandiClick to View
31 2018Ram PaulDivisional Forest Officer23/09/2011ChambaClick to View
32 2018Sunny VermaDivisional Forest Officer02/02/2011BharmourClick to View
33 2018Urvashi ThakurDivisional Forest Officer02/02/2011ShimlaClick to View
34 2018Mohinder Singh ChandelDivisional Manager27/10/2009ChopalClick to View
35 2018Naresh Pal Singh DhaultaDivisional Forest Officer24/09/2009ShimlaClick to View
36 2018Sanjeev KumarDivisional Forest Officer24/09/2009ShimlaClick to View
37 2018Chander BushanDivisional Forest Officer24/09/2009RampurClick to View
38 2018Pradeep BhandariDivisional Forest Officer24/09/2009ShimlaClick to View
39 2018Munshi RamDivisional Forest Officer24/09/2009MandiClick to View
40 2018Suman OhriDivisional Manager24/09/2009ShimlaClick to View
41 2018Hoshiar Singh PalDivisional Forest Officer24/09/2009MandiClick to View
42 2018Dhanwant SinghDivisional Forest Officer04/07/2009ShimlaClick to View
43 2018Dinesh Kumar VijDivisional Forest Officer08/11/2008ShimlaClick to View
44 2018Pawan Vir ChandelDivisional Forest Officer08/11/2008SwarghatClick to View
45 2018Ram Kumar DograDivisional Forest Officer08/11/2008DharamshalaClick to View
46 2018Arvind Kumar SharmaDivisional Forest Officer08/11/2008DharamshalaClick to View
47 2018Sushil KumarDivisional Forest Officer24/06/2008Renuka JiClick to View
48 2018Rajesh Kumar SharmaDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008ShimlaClick to View
49 2018Tilak Raj SharmaDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008KulluClick to View
50 2018Dinesh SharmaDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008DharamshalaClick to View
51 2018Amit SharmaDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008ShimlaClick to View
52 2018Chaman LalDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008KulluClick to View
53 2018Rakesh KatochDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008DalhousieClick to View
54 2018Raj Kumar SharmaDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008KarsogClick to View
55 2018Parveen ThakurDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008BanjarClick to View
56 2018Sanjeev KumarDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008ChambaClick to View
57 2018Kamal BhartiDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008ChurahClick to View
58 2018Raghu RamDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008DharamshalaClick to View
59 2018Angel ChauhanDivisional Forest Officer17/06/2008KinnaurClick to View
60 2018Subhash Chand PrasharDWDO17/06/2008DharamshalaClick to View
61 2018Devi Dayal AggarwalDivisional Forest Officer02/03/2005MantruwalaClick to View
62 2018Inder KumarDivisional Forest Officer02/03/2005shimlaClick to View
63 2018Kalyan Singh ShaktanDivisional Forest Officer02/03/2005ShimlaClick to View
64 2018Raj Kumar DograDivisional Forest Officer02/03/2005DehraClick to View
65 2018Vinod Kumar AggarwalDivisional Forest Officer02/03/2005AnniClick to View
66 2018Ved Prakash SharmaDivisional Manager02/03/2005ShimlaClick to View
67 2018Rajiv KumarDivisional Forest Officer01/05/2003JogindernagarClick to View
68 2018Raman SharmaDivisional Forest Officer01/05/2003ShimlaClick to View
69 2018Sangeeta ChandelDivisional Forest Officer01/05/2003HamirpurClick to View
70 2018Suveena ThakurDivisional Forest Officer01/05/2003SundernagarClick to View
71 2018Ashok KumarDivisional Forest Officer01/05/2003RampurClick to View
72 2018Chaman Lal JoshiDivisional Forest Officer06/02/1965SundernagarClick to View
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